The Importance of Network Monitoring Software

11310676651_networkingpc.jpgWhat is network monitoring software?
Network monitoring is a vital part of running a business in the computer age. As a systems/network administrator, you have to juggle a lot of tasks (planning, backups, implementing new applications & services etc.), all while keeping your finger on the pulse of the entire network & server infrastructure you have in place.
Network monitoring can be done through software or a combination of software and hardware depending on business needs. Through a mix of hardware & software, Overseer Network Monitor can track the status of: Networks, Web sites, Event Logs, Services, Disk Space, Temperature, Windows Processes, Windows servers, routers, & databases servers.
Why is network monitoring important?
Using network monitoring software can save time and money for your company through keeping you up to date on what is going on with the various systems you work with. Without network monitoring, you may not know about a problem until morning when your entire company waits for you to fix the problem so they can do their jobs. When there is a system in place to monitor key pre-determined network and system resources, you can be notified as soon as it happens and respond in real time without the entire company breathing down your neck. Monitoring devices & resource availability throughout the system is vital to a well-run business because it allows you to see at a glance what areas need to be addressed.
Real-time notifications via email or text message from the software can help answer questions you may have about your network:
o Are my websites up and delivering content and product to my customers?
o What Windows event logs do I need to be aware of?
o Is a Windows server or workstation running all the services they should be?
o Are my servers/computers about to run out of disk space and stop functioning (Disk Space monitoring)?
o Did the AC unit or computer fans stop working, or is there too much humidity at the data center (Environmental monitoring)?
o Are critical applications/processes running on vital servers and workstations? Are these processes using too much memory?
o What is the latency on my network or website? – high latency can be indicative of a more serious problem
Good network monitoring software(from will notify you of problems in real-time.
This has the obvious advantage of fixing problems in real time– saving money and headache. One aspect of this is website monitoring that will alert you (via text or email) when your website goes down so you don’t go hours or days without knowing that your website is down and losing business.

Nevales Networks- UTM Security for SMEs

21310676652_viral2.jpgThe explosive growth of the Internet, media-rich resources available online, and the large number of users accessing the Web bring with them multiple threats. These threats are designed to exploit the smallest possible vulnerability in a company’s network, be it for illegal profit or simply for malicious attacks.
SMEs have always been at a disadvantage when it comes to leveraging the latest technology innovations as most of these solutions come with a steep price tag, implementation and maintenance costs and technical expertise to deploy and utilize them. As a result, most SMEs don’t adopt these applications, as they can’t afford the upfront license fees, additional hardware costs, dedicated staff or consultants to implement and monitor these complex enterprise applications.
“Nevales Networks offers SME a solution with a difference. We offer Unified Threat Management (UTM) based network security services that are free of maintenance, licensing and scalability issues” said Ravishankar, Co-founder and CEO of Nevales Networks. “We understand that SMEs typically don’t have the same technical resources or expertise as larger enterprises do, so we have ensured that our services are easy to deploy and fully managed by us. Once the initial installation is complete, the all-in-one appliance allows SMEs to have a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ security system in place and we also provide free 24/7 support. At a very nominal subscription fee ,SMEs can ensure data security, reduce IT investments, increase employee productivity, ensure compliance and minimize business risk.” Ravishankar added.
Nevales’s data protection services are offered through the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, which translates into Security as a Service. Nevales manages all the configuration, deployment, hardware and software maintenance. The customer gets comprehensive network security as a service. Multiple levels and types of security features are delivered through a single, easy to install, plug-and-play device – N300. Nevales N300 integrates several crucial security features such as Firewall, VPN, Intrusion Detection Service, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Surf Protection, Spyware Guarding, Access Management, Bandwidth Management, Traffic Monitoring and Efficient Reporting in a single management platform.
The Nevales solution anticipates and protects the SME network and business-critical data from various threats. This always-available secure service-delivery platform is delivered over the Internet with free 24/7 support making it ideally suited for small and medium-sized businesses that do not have to make the considerable back-end investment to obtain the same level of network security that a big corporation enjoys.
Companies that subscribe to this model get multiple payment options, the flexibility to evaluate their service contract more frequently, and pay only for what they use. They also gain anytime access to security experts and the process efficiencies realized by a single-point contact for IT security.

Adoption Network

01310676652_imagesnetworking.jpgAdoption Network Reviews – Adoption Network

Below are some common issues that both sides often face.
Many open adoptions are cordial, but somewhat reserved. For most people, telephone calls have become the preferred mode of communication. Even people who telephone or visit each other sometimes feel detached. Sometimes feeling that they have nothing in common but the child, adoptive parents often tend to concentrate on reporting the child’s milestones to the birthparents.

Adoption Network Review – ANLC Reviews
It is also very helpful for prospective adoptive parents looking to adopt to speak with a professional counselor. There are many issues related to adoption which are best addressed prior to pursuing an adoption. Are both spouses ready to accept a child into their homes and understand the responsibility of raising a child? Do they accept this responsibility? Are they prepared to adopt a child sometimes with little prior knowledge? Have they both dealt with the issues regarding their own inability to have biological children? Have considerations been made for adoption a child of a different race, color, ethnic background, etc.

ANLC Review – Adoption Network Law Center Review
Professional counseling can be extremely helpful when trying to make a decision which will affect the lives of many people. Expectant parents should seek the advise of a counselor prior to making a final decision regarding adoption. A professional counselor can offer their assistance when one is trying to sort out feelings regarding such a big personal decision. A mother is making a decision that not only effect her life, but also the life of a child. A counselor will often ask the mother or parents to create and complete a list of the advantages and disadvantages of going through an adoption. That list can then be gone over with the counselor on an objective basis to discuss the impact of those decisions. The decision to place a child for adoption or choosing to raise a child will have lifelong effects.

Sites: Adoption Network, Adoption Network Law Center, Adoption Network Law Center Reviews, ANLC.What better time to celebrate National Adoption Month than at the start of the holiday season? It’s a time of goodwill towards men, when spirits are high and humankind comes together to rejoice in knowing that we can help others in great need. It’s also the perfect time to take a closer look at your current or future adoption relationship. We hope this article helps both birth and adoptive parents understand and appreciate each other for the magical gifts that they so selfishly bestow on one another – whether you’re a birthmother blessing an infertile couple with the gift of life, or an adoptive parent granting a loving birthmother and a beautiful baby a bright new future.

Adoption Network Law Center Review .